Since 1980, I have acquired a great deal of experience in analyzing, optimizing and designing pumping elements (gears, rotors, etc.), complete pumps (fixed- and variable-displacement) and complete pumping systems (wet-sump, dry-sump, semi-dry-sump, transfer, power hydraulics, etc.) that are used in many applications, including passenger cars, light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, stationary power generation, motorcycles, boats, ships and aircraft. All of these applications have been both very interesting and very challenging, but my favorite applications have involved motorsports. It was a treat to work directly with suppliers, race teams and constructors involved in various forms of open wheel racing (Formula 1, Indy Car, etc.), rally cars (WRC), MotoGP, drag racing, sportscar racing (ALMS, IMSA, etc.), offshore powerboat racing and, yes, even monster trucks.

Prior to that, I was involved in the design and manufacturing of structural components using the powdered metal process. That was fortuitous, as many components that are used in hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors can be manufactured using the powdered metal process.

I have always enjoyed doing what I do, so when the opportunity for me to start my own business presented its self,
I took advantage of it.

My mantra has always been that it is better to invest time in order to avoid problems than it is to waste time in order to solve problems.